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About me (Averi)...&
(Jasper & Lane) 
Are they real people? lol sorta.


For me it all comes down to J & L. Those are my initials (from the fam I was born into and the one I married. As a wedding planner + designer I get to do what I love while I honor my mom and dad who instilled in me hard work, sophistication and showmanship.


"In my work life: I've worn a lot of hats..."

I have a background in technical theatre (costuming, makeup, set design). I worked as a lead artist for plays, operas and musicals. A lot of adventures led me to cosmetology. I've also spent years behind the chair at a luxury salon. I'm happy to say my salon career allowed me to work on fashion shows, commercials, photoshoots, an educator and a brand ambassador.

"On a personal level..."

Of my siblings, I've always been the planner (love making a list!) I'm a typical galaxy-brained Aquarius: loyal to a fault, witty-introvert, always thinking about several things at once. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love a karaoke night and one of the things I look forward to is my husband and I introducing Harry Potter to our kids. 

Vision, Vibe & Values

I want to create an environment where color, gender, sexuality and size don't affect how people are celebrated. My clients deserve events that reflect the unique beauty of their stories!


Efficiency is a necessity in my personal life; it was critical to carry that pillar over into my professional life as well. As clients, you can expect systems that will help you realize your ultimate wedding vision while making the most use of your time. 

Lead Planner + Designer at work for Jasper and Lane Events

               Fun Facts

1) I'm all about a costume drama. If it's a period piece, chances are I watched it; some faves: Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age, 1883, Pride and Prejudice, Emma

2) I'm an avid baker. Ask me about my brown-butter chocolate chip cookies sometime!

3) One of my favorite gifts recently is the blanket my husband got me for our looks like a tortilla!  

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