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5 Wedding Trends We Can Expect to See in 2024

What I love most about the industry is that weddings are always evolving. Our community is full of innovators and creatives who can take things that inspire us and find ways to make them fresh and new, especially when it comes to trends, whether you’re a fan of any particular trend or not. When you have a great vendor team, they can make anything thought provoking and beautiful.

What makes a trend? Who decides? If you’ve ever seen The Devil Wears Prada, remember the scene when Meryl Streep explains the decisions of the fashion elite and the trickle down? It’s sort of like that, but what Meryl left out is that it’s us – the service industry and the clients who really make a trend come alive.

Right, but what are the trends? As a seasoned designer with years of experience in wedding planning, I am thrilled to share what we’ve identified as the emerging styles and concepts that we predict are set to shape the landscape of weddings in the coming year. 

Wedding Trend #1 - Euro-Vibes

Whether you're having a destination wedding are staying state-side -- Europe is so hot right now.

Personal Favorite Ways to Pay Homage: French-Core style, Italian-esque backdrops.

European Influence Wedding Trend 2024

Wedding Trend #2 - More Intimate Weddings

Serious love. Small guest list. A lot of couples are finding that keeping their guest count more close knit allows for more freedom to include personal touches and quality time.

Stripes Wedding Trend 2024

Wedding Trend #3 - Stripes

Patterned linen, paper goods, umbrellas, you name it. Stripes are a great way to add elegance and texture to any wedding design.

Wedding Trend #4 - Romantic Influence

Blame it on Bridgerton or the pandemic, but we're seeing more and more couples wanting to show off. We love incorporating the abundant fabric, pearls and classic design styles. Another favorite would definitely be long, billowy sleeves on gowns.

Romantic Wedding Dress Trend 2024

Wedding Trend #5 - Bows

Bows made the leap from hair accessory to wedding necessity this year. Put a ribbon on anything and chances are you'll have something chic. Personally, we love bows on candlesticks.

Bow Wedding Trend 2024

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Join us on this exciting journey as we unveil the future of weddings, blending creativity with meticulous planning. Your dream wedding, infused with the latest wedding trends, awaits in 2024 — a year that promises to redefine sophistication and elevate celebrations to new heights. Click here to contact us. We’d love to hear about your wedding and bring your vision to life.


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