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Talking Plus Size Bridal

If you didn't have a chance to see it, recently I hosted an Instagram Live with a friend and fellow body positivity advocate Robin Dayley, of Curvy Photographer + Dayley Photography. We sat down and shared some personal insight for plus size brides and couples while in the wedding planning journey.

If you have twenty minutes, I highly recommend you check it out here.

These are some of the highlights:


Question: Where can you start?

Answer: This biggest challenge you may face as you get ready to go shopping for your wedding attire is that some of us are small town girls, lol. Even though we have the world literally at our fingertips thanks to cellphones, not everyone has the opportunity to visit wedding boutiques that carry a wide range of styles and sizes.

Question: What do you think of David's Bridal?

Answer: When I got engaged, I decided to go to David's Bridal. I love fashion and will happily take any excuse to dress up, but I'd never worn a gown before. I knew that I could use that appointment to try on different silhouettes, feel different fabrics on my body and not waste my time during other wedding gown appointments caught up in my awkwardness.

  • If you're looking at this and thinking --- that brand is not my vibe, stick with me. David's has a wide selection that is fashion forward to meet the needs and price points of many brides.

  • Fun Fact = I purchased my second wedding gown from there. I got married during COVID and had to change wedding plans many times. I didn't want to wear my original ball gown from Luv Bridal in front of 18 people. I will also say that I had great experiences and love my purchases from both retailers.


Robin runs not one, but two photography businesses. The first, Dayley Photography, specializes in weddings and portraits. The other, Curvy Photographer brings plus size + mid size business owners into the spotlight with branding and lifestyle photography.

Question: When selecting a photographer, what key things should couples consider before they invest.

Answer: As you do your research, especially on Instagram, really look at the photographer's content to see if you see yourself reflected in their images. Yes, we can love an artist's editing style, but who they are taking pictures of and showcasing will also help give you a gauge.

  • Industry Tip= If the photographer you're interested in has worked with plus size couples, respectfully ask if you can see the full gallery.

Question: What's something no one ever talks about?

Answer: Height. This is true no matter what size you are, but plus size couples really want to take note of this. If you hire a photographer that is shorter than you, it’s likely your photos will all be taken from a low angle which can be unflattering. Do the math, when you meet with them, ask them how they plan to handle it. It’s not realistic for them to carry a step stool ALL day, but they should for your portraits.

Question: How do you approach concerns about body image?

Answer: Just talk about it. Remember, once you hire your vendors -- we are "team you". If you don't like your profile etc, share those concerns. Also, most photographers include an engagement session in their packages. Use this opportunity to get acquainted with them and consider those batch of photos to see what works and doesn't work.

Our takes on online shopping

If you're looking for something more unique, Robin and I can't speak highly enough of the new bridal collection from Eloquii. They have curated a collection which carries gowns, wedding event options and separates. Other size inclusive brands we highly recommend: Asos and Bhldn.

(Gowns Pictured in order: BHLDN, ASOS, ASOS, BHLDN

Just between us girls
  • The bridal salon is a positive place only. No critical family members or friends allowed. Pick your 2-3 most loyal loved ones (these are your soldiers) and if you must, stream people in or video the experience so everyone can feel included. The appointment(s) you book are for you. Don't let negative opinions warp your moment.

  • If you plan on using it - bring your shape wear and don't forget to bring shoes that are the height of what you plan on wearing for the wedding day.

I hope you found this recap helpful. If you're able check out the replay here. In closing, I want to remind you that you DO NOT have to change yourself to find the wedding attire of your dreams. The person you are marrying loves you for the person you are right now. Not what you could look like walking down the aisle. You are perfect just as you are! There are a lot more options now for inclusive sizing, but the best way to keep moving the needle is to continue talking about it.

If this discussion resonated with you drop a comment below and don't forget to see what Robin and I are up to on our social channels.

Robin Dayley: IG | Dayley Photography | Curvy Photographer

Jasper and Lane Events: IG | Pinterest

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