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Capturing Elegance: A Photoshoot at The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego

Photoshoot at The Lafayette Hotel San Diego.

Nestled in the heart of San Diego, amidst the vibrant streets and palm-lined avenues, stands an iconic gem of timeless elegance -- The Lafayette Hotel. Steeped in history and sophistication, this historic landmark serves as a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable moments. Recently, I had the pleasure of embarking on a photoshoot adventure within the confines of The Lafayette Hotel, where every corner whispered tales of bygone eras and every stylish detail begged to be immortalized.

Style Shoot at The Lafayette Hotel designed by Jasper and Lane Events

The versatility of the hotel's ambiance provided endless opportunities for creativity, whether it was a glamorous portrait session in the opulent halls, or a whimsical session at the poolside oasis. Each frame captures the vintage-inspired furnishings perfectly.

Poolside photoshoot at The Lafayette Hotel designed by Jasper and Lane Events

The recent remodel completed by the CH Project hospitality group truly honors the past while still inviting a new generation to come and enjoy the property. For couples looking to host their wedding at this breathtaking venue, the Mississippi Ballroom can hold between 120 to 150 guests. If you haven't had a chance to visit for dinner or drinks or spend a day at the pool, I highly recommend it. You'll fall in love. The Lafayette Hotel is the perfect backdrop for bold couples with a sense of flare.

Photoshoot designed by Jasper and Lane Events at The Lafayette Hotel

I had the pleasure of dreaming up with project with a good friend and fellow wedding vendor, Kylie, of KBady Photography. As San Diego locals, we both knew of the hotel's renovation and were eager to get inside and have an opportunity to work there Our vision was to infuse the classic allure of 1960s glamour with a modern twist, all the while embracing the opulent aesthetics of the hotel's maximalist design. No photoshoot is complete without a team of talented individuals working together to help achieve our goals. We were lucky to partner with amazing local vendors who shared our passion for creating visually captivating experiences.

Unique style shoot designed by Jasper and Lane Events at The Lafayette Hotel

From its historic architecture to its enchanting ambiance, every aspect of this iconic landmark serves as an canvas for capturing moments of beauty and grace. I couldn't be more grateful for my experience planning and executing my photoshoot experience at The Lafayette Hotel.

Photoshoot Designed by Jasper and Lane Events at The Lafayette Hotel

Are you thinking about hosting your wedding at this magical venue? I'd love to help you plan and bring your dream day to life. To submit an inquiry click here.

Photoshoot Credits:

Hosts: Jasper and Lane Events + KBady Photography

Venue: The Lafayette Hotel

Design + Stationery: Jasper and Lane Events

Photos: KBady Photography

Makeup: Alexis The Wedding Stylist

Flowers: Natalie Blooms

Wardrobe: Love Era Bridal Boutique

Jewelry: Chouette Designs + Westry Co

Cake: Creme Cake US

Couple: Ruby and Katrena


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