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Intimate Weddings.

Serious Love. Small Guest List.

Starting at $2,500

If you’re realizing that the wedding of your dreams doesn’t include 100 or more…there’s an alternative for you. Our intimate weddings are perfect for couples who: 

  • Want less pressure and stress from planning a large event.

  • More flexibility and freedom from traditional ceremonies.

  • Desire a secluded celebration with the people who matter to you and less fuss.


Elopement  |   /ih-lohp-muhnt/   | noun

To run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent.

Unclench your pearls, my friends. Eloping means something much different these days and honestly…it’s quite fashionable. Imagine a private celebration with a guest count of your core 10 or less. Doesn't that sound wonderful?



Micro Wedding  |  Mi·cro   /ˈmīkrō/   [ + ]  wed·ding    /ˈwediNG/  | noun

Extremely small + Marriage ceremony


Don't let the name fool you. This is a great alternative for couples who still want all the wedding vibes, but are looking to indulge in guest experience prefer quiet quality time. How does a personal gathering with a guest count of 40 or less sound? Exactly, it's awesome.

We've tailored our Intimate Wedding Packages into two tiers that mimic our Month of Coordination and Full Service offerings. Jasper and Lane will plan, design and coordinate while you celebrate your start of forever with your closest loved ones.  

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